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You buy your ticket; you take your chances.

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I’mma need this bitch to stop one-upping every goddamn thing I say. Like seriously, I’m about to pop her.

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Apple of love

now the whole thing’s going to get all yellow look what you did


Biphobes be like


Classic Hollywood Bloopers


Dog Tumblr Posts

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Cat Tumblr Posts

You gotta agree this time with Anita and Feminist Frequency on their Female Background Characters video. Shit even JonTron of all people agrees with her on this. I'd say give it a watch, you'll be surprised.



I watched 10 minutes of it and I wasted 5% worth of battery on cherry picking and bad eyebrows.

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The ESB duel and Luke’s recovery - Art by Ralph McQuarrie

I love this art so much.


Why is this not taught universally.


i have never played dragon age but what i’ve seen on tumblr is really confusing bc like 99% of what i’ve seen doesn’t even have dragons?? just a lot of hot people arguing with each other??? what is the game even about?????

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I think my parents consider me to be a god. Because they always ask me ridiculous questions that I don’t have the answer to.

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anon asked: aerith or tifa?

the red string of fate

an asian belief that says two people are connected by a red string that is tied together by the gods. these two people are destined to fall in love, become great friends or have a very good relationship with each other.

  • me: *sees dog*
  • me: *forgets what im talking about and points out dog*
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